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Three innovative apps helping curb SME spending

In Communications on November 18, 2014 at 8:47 pm

An insight piece I compiled for BQ Magazine, online. One of the leading entrepreneurial magazines in the UK and the Baltic states.

The new digital age has not only brought with it an array of new technologies but has also helped nurture a new breed of entrepreneur.

Simplified, easy-to-use applications are making it easier than ever before for SMEs to compete on a grand scale and are helping to cut expenditure on external support which to this day, can still take a huge bite out of any firms marketing budget.

BQ’s digital marketing exec Bryce Wilcock, gives an insight into three revolutionary apps helping cut the costs of your everyday SME…

Read the full article with the 3 apps chosen.


Adidas Originals Social Media & PR

In Communications on March 24, 2011 at 2:27 pm

Ever realised that a brands product has became bigger than the brand itself? One could say the iPod and iTunes to Apple and the Cornflakes to Kelloggs.

According to the amount of ‘likes’ on Facebook, Adidas’ originals clothing line has became bigger than Adidas itself as well as their infamous ‘Adidas Football’ and ‘Adidas Cricket/Golf’. Maybe this is not so surprising, as the product blossomed in the late 80’s/early 90’s due to their marketing scheme endorsing Run DMC. One of the best forms of Hip Hop marketing within Hip-Hop culture ever, as briefly referenced in my blog post regarding PR adverts.

Why however, has this been chosen as a method of social media? Similar to most brands and products pages on Facebook, the page has the Youtube links, Livestream and Adidas applications. The difference for Adidas originals however, is the use of this footlocker link:

Footlocker may have begun as a huge retailer in the US however it has came over to the EU to compete with the likes of Schuh and JD. Once again, Adidas are keeping a hold of their Hip-Hop marketing scheme that helped make the brand renown across the world by including a video of rapper, Snoop Dogg, advertising Footlocker whilst wearing Adidas Originals clothing.

By linking up with a retailer and displaying a competition in order to win a years worth of shoes, Adidas are building a very strong relationship with one of their major clients in selling their goods. They are also helping fans get a hold of their products by providing such a competition, helping benefit a variety of consumers.

One similarity between the two is the impressive Hip-Hop theme going on between them, which has been omni-present within the culture since Michael Jordan’s Nike ‘Air’ line was forever mentioned within songs and Run DMC even created the track, “My Adidas” shown below:

Not only have they continued embracing hip-cop culture but they have also created a growing theme for using basketball, a very similar theme to Nike’s hugely successful ‘Nike Air’ line created in the 90’s endorsed by basketballer Michael Jordan. Although many people may think this is a hugely influenced American line, they would be right. The difference to other American lines however, is it’s growing popularity worldwide. Adidas have been using Orlando Magic basketball player Dwight Howard as a form of advertising their newest basketball sneakers alongside avid LA Lakers fan Snoop Dogg.

A huge form of PR is creating and maintaining relationships as well as the marketing teams endorsing such relationships. Adidas football for example has had footballers such as David Beckham, Lionel Messi and Lukas Podolski wearing and advertising their brand.

The majority of the relationships featured so far are predominantly male orientated so I thought, what are they doing for the female Adidas Originals consumers out there? (Which is also a huge public for them)

This brought me to their official website, where I immediately saw a feature with British female pop duo “The Ting Ting’s” helping not only blend into the female aspect but also penetrating another music culture, helping expand their look further. To top this off, they also have an advert, which includes both David Beckham and Katy Perry, a highly controversial pop star famous worldwide.


Dwight Howard, Katy Perry, B.o.B and Lionel Messi amongst others endorsing the Adidas brand online.

One thing is for sure, Adidas Originals online methods of positioning their lines and also displaying their relationships with retailers selling their goods and celebrities endorsing their products. The PR tactics displayed link into this perfectly alongside their marketing schemes, including methods easily distinguished from competitors. The huge growth of Adidas Originals can without doubt be linked to their relationships and endorsements of the celebrities and themes chosen.

PHD “We are the future” video…

In Communications on February 25, 2011 at 12:51 pm


PHD Media Agency have uploaded a very controversial marketing video which includes the ‘Future of marketing’. The video has came under a lot of criticism due to the arrogance and points made within the clip, as well as the manner of the producers choosing what seem to be children actors to prove such points.

I can personally see the motives behind creating the video, proving that our children are the future of every trade, which however is quite self-explanatory. One thing especially within the PR trade, which is needed, is the use of Social Media, which tends to be almost ‘bread and butter’ stuff to the youth of today, living in such online communities. Within 18 days the video has had 71,306 views and a grand total of 707 comments, the majority of which are quite derogatory! It also weighs in at a shocking total of 1,000 dislikes to 125 likes!

The video links in to the current economic climate within the PR and Marketing professions, in the fact that there has been a lot of stories recently about the lack of internships especially those that are paid. I can relate to this video as a student and with the lack of internships, one can see how it does appeal to the fact that, if we are not given the chance to blossom, we will never fully bloom? However, a video featuring such young children surely is not the way to represent these views? Surely a video of students whom are struggling within the current economic climate would have been a better choice with less controversy and arrogance, or did they want such derogatory criticism as a form of gaining furthermore publicity, after all “Any publicity is good publicity” right?

One thing is for sure, PhD have created a huge stir within the Marketing world with this advert. Whether their intended targets have been met, we may never find out.

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