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Three innovative apps helping curb SME spending

In Communications on November 18, 2014 at 8:47 pm

An insight piece I compiled for BQ Magazine, online. One of the leading entrepreneurial magazines in the UK and the Baltic states.

The new digital age has not only brought with it an array of new technologies but has also helped nurture a new breed of entrepreneur.

Simplified, easy-to-use applications are making it easier than ever before for SMEs to compete on a grand scale and are helping to cut expenditure on external support which to this day, can still take a huge bite out of any firms marketing budget.

BQ’s digital marketing exec Bryce Wilcock, gives an insight into three revolutionary apps helping cut the costs of your everyday SME…

Read the full article with the 3 apps chosen.


Google launch search by image..

In Communications on July 6, 2011 at 3:48 pm

Google has been the market leader of online search engines for years, heavily due to it’s constant maintenance and updates. However, Google have recently just took another huge leap in securing their spot as the market leader of online search engines.

Through the power of convergence, Google have managed to fusion together many different applications in which they have created to form one huge network of information. Combining images with search results, videos and also maps they have managed to ensure that they can provide a huge amount of information for any user.

Despite a wide range of different tools being provided by Google, only the traditional form of searching via text has been utilised by Google search bars up until now. This comes as Google have launched “Google image search” After recently discussing online privacy on twitter, the best form of looking into the use of Google image search would surely be to look up myself and see where my image and information is transferred to online. 3rd party intervention plays a huge role in the transporting of information and media across the online world.

As you can see, there are already many images of myself on google images, many of which are from 3rd party sites. The highlighted image however, is that of a thumbnail image of my Twitter profile image. Let’s see how Google locates my Twitter image across the web…

As expected, WordPress and Twitter were using my icon which I myself, had uploaded. The other 2 results however, are quite surprising. Upon clicking the links, I had managed to see a number of quite handy widgets, gathering similar stories from Twitter and blogs which is where I came across my blog post from a while back regarding Ghana and Sunderland AFC:

If a client were to want to look at the online reputation and links with one specific person then google image search could be quite beneficial, as shown above. Clients could find out how they are portrayed and also which of their online content is being displayed and discussed elsewhere in the web. As a tool it is not the handiest, as for businesses etc, one would have to dig deep in order to find any real findings. It would be easier to find stories in the news.

And now, lets finish with Google’s official launch video:

Afterall, “A picture is worth a thousand words.” – Google.

Google “What do you love” – Ideal for any PR practitioner…

In Communications on June 28, 2011 at 1:03 pm

Google have launched a ‘mashup’ style site allowing a user to input any phrase they would like to explore and view its web presence. This is an ideal form of any practitioner quickly evaluating the online presence of any client or company. Below you can see the result of a “What do you love” for any fans of Beyonce. Why Beyonce? Well since Glastonbury, the press have been going wild for the star!

One of the most interesting aspects of this being the “Interest Over Time…” monitoring how many hits the selected topic has been receiving. As you can see, the peak of the hits being when she first performed at Glastonbury a few days ago. The latest news also allows the practitioner to monitor the coverage their company/client is receiving, sort of temporary press cuttings or an RSS feed.

Another method of viewing the online coverage of a client would be that of viewing blogs, which are just as important as traditional mediums i.e. television and magazines in recent years. This due to the amazing increase in the amount of bloggers since the rise of the internet and new media. here you can see all of the coverage regarding Beyonce in blogs, most of which seem to be going with the flow of constant praise for Beyonces performance at the festival.

Featured below however, is how the news coverage for your client could be quite negative. Barack Obama and his policies based upon the American economy have quite often been criticised by some media.

As seen above, 3 out of 3 of the news stories are quite negative. This can be seen by the brief descriptions shown under the headlines featuring terminology such as “casualties”, “worse, the president has” and “but at this current pace…” Although such coverage may be quite negative, it is still a very useful tool for a practitioner to walk in the office, see such headlines and make them aware to the client and how they could be attempted to be put straight.

Google’s ‘What do you love‘ could definitely be a very useful tool for any PR practitioner, making the RSS feed as effective as ever. The ping back time is also very impressive, as the results can load within 5 seconds on a decent paced internet line.

To finish the post, here is a video blog regarding What do you love? by TheLostAgency on Youtube:

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